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What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of humans and their work environment. It considers the match between the person, the equipment they use, the work processes, and the work environment.

What is an Ergonomist, CEAS I?

An Ergonomist specializes in assessing the fit between a person and the technology and/or equipment they use. They consider the activity of the job and the demands of the employee as well as the equipment used (its shape, size, and appropriateness for the task) by the employee.

What is an ergonomic evaluation?

An on-site ergonomic evaluation allows the Ergonomist to assess the functionality and safety of work environments. Working with clients in their work environment allows our Ergonomist to assess the job tasks and provide suggestions for ergonomic office or industrial modifications and/or equipment in order to help reduce physical fatigue and work-related injuries. Additionally, our Ergonomist can consult directly with our Occupational Therapists in order to assess functional limitations and diagnosis-specific recommendations for an injured or at risk employee.

What is ergonomic safety training?

Our Ergonomist can provide safety training courses to new employees, as a routine re-training for existing employees, and for other safety purposes. A class can be made to fit the needs of the company, the trade they operate in, and the needs of the workers.

Ergonomic Evaluation and Safety Training is a great way to prevent work related injury and absenteeism, as well as increase productivity and job satisfaction.

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